StarChart 2.0 for Newton

StarChart for Newton 130
screenshot of StarChart 2.0 for Newton 130
StarChart for Newton 2x00
screenshot of StarChart 2.0 for Newton 2x00

StarChart 2.0 for Newton is an astronomic star chart, which displays stars, constellations and the planets for any time and place. It is based in main parts on StarChart 1.0 by Shigekazu Kase.


There are two versions of StarChart available:
StarChart for Newton 130 is intended for a Newton 130.
StarChart for Newton 2x00 is intended for a Newton 2000 and Newton 2100.
Both versions might work on an eMate, if you have any experience with it, please email me.


The algorithms for calculation the planetary positions are accurat with an error of no more then 1-2 arcminutes for the 20th and 21st century. But in this release not all the nesserary algorithms are implemented, so at present a much bigger error might result.

Known bugs

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Download StarChart 2.0 for Newton (You'll need Stuffit Expander to expand the .sit-file)

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